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How To Properly Apply Zombie Makeup

I recently worked on a gory film titled Batman: Retribution. It’s there that I met Special Effects makeup artist Myke Michaels. For 30 minutes he smeared me, poked me and shared an eccentric form of comic relief— when done I sprinted to set, worked for hours, and later asked for potty privileges. While traveling to Tinkle Town, I smiled from the pleasure of set life; long hours, blurry vision, sitting stiffly, and cheese ball snacks. Yes, I was living the dream. But when I opened the door to the restroom, my reflection stilled my heart, I was no longer me. Myke executed a makeup job so great, that it seemed as though I was having an out-of-body experience. True story.

After the big scare, I knew that he was amazing. But what I didn’t know, was that he’s fabulous. Google him.

1.) Buffy The Vampire Slayer
2.) Vampire Diaries
3.) Et cetera
4.) Et cetera

And because I adore you and realize that zombies are the superstars of the moment— I’ve pulled a wonderful video of Myke creating a “Walker” look that’s great for parties, films, shopping, and interviews. #Iamlaughingoutloud #killingmyself

Now let us enjoy some zombie action!

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The Undeniable Circle

Nothing is void a beginning, middle and end— not even a stillborn child. All is important and the greatest gift to self, I believe, is to learn from each moment, even if it takes longer than a moment to process. It’s good to allow the soul to grow— and too, our mind and heart.

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I am who I am
As seven doves surround my dome
I am the air that you breathe within me
Half man, half God I am not
But I carry the flame above my left breast

My soul has been broken

But my knowledge of you defies me to remain in that state
So I moved to a new state, started over, and made amends
I am who I am
The cross on my right shoulder was heavy
So I moved it to the left
When that became unbearable

I turned it over to you

You lifted it up, far up and above
Until I could no longer see
I am who I am
I am

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Snippets Of New Orleans

“The Creole”


Cre·ole [kree-ohl] a person of mixed black and European, especially French or Spanish, ancestry who speaks a creolized form of French or Spanish.

I never verbalized myself as Creole until Hurricane Katrina, but when my city drowned, so did my desire to please others. I am who I am— and it is precisely who God wanted me to be~ Edoka Writes

“Marie Laveau”
Marie Laveau, the Creole Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, never aged, so I heard. Born free on September 10, 1794— I wonder how much freedom she stole, with her stifling potions. Nevertheless, since her demise on June 15, 1881 her grave site in Saint Louis Cemetery No. 1, has been the stomping ground for occult lovers.

Would you like to see Marie come alive? Partake in this season of American Horror Story: Coven— Angela Bassett plays her creepily well.

“The Jazz Funeral”

“Terrance D. Osborne”

Check out more from this New Orleans gem by clicking here http://terranceosborne.com/

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Ania Tomicka

To delight your eyes with more of Ania’s dreamy creations, click here http://www.aniatomicka.com/

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Leah’s Emancipation: A Short Story by Edoka Writes

Leah was fed up with Chris, and his penchant for paying her cookie jar a visit rather than footing his own groceries, and today wasn’t the day, to have missing pickles! Leah’s boss had micro managed her like a gold medalist, plus, she was short on her insurance— with punching palpitations drumming her heart, Leah decided to make this time be the last. She sprinted to her car, trembling the keys until the right one slid into the ignition. Her eyes grazed the store shelves, unable to register the aisles she’d normally breeze through, but after soliciting help, her hit list was complete.

At the apartment, Leah baked a treat that Chris couldn’t resist; especially tonight— date night with a pretentious red-head named Cherry.

Leah left the apartment as asked, giving Chris privacy.

Chris and Cherry cuddled, nibbling on brownies; until a tummy bubble, prompted her to clinch her butt cheeks so tightly that her face reddened, causing Chris to ask if she was okay. In dire straits, Cherry managed a tight-lipped smile, which hid the gap he openly admired. Suddenly, Chris felt a cramp! But before he could excuse himself, Cherry rushed into the bathroom, and exuded a stench so strong, it seeped through the door.

Concerned but grossed out— Chris yelled that there was gas reliever in the cabinet, and in order to spare her embarrassment, he asked for a few too.

Cherry’s limber arm opened the medicine cabinet and despite her pain and shame she roughly squealed, “Chris!” And as he entered the “restless” room, and peered into the cabinet, all of the thoughtlessness he showed against Leah, showered over him as her thoughtfulness finally turned bitter. On a sticky note, stuck to a box of laxatives, he read “SHHH…IT HAPPENS!”

Click on the Activity tab, if you’d like to share your own dysfunctional or happy Leah and Chris story.

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Stunning Glass Art

It’s amazing how strong
something so fragile can be