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The Stooges and The Originals

Some nights are better than others— for me, a night not long ago was one of the best. I was on the set of The Originals, a new show on CW that airs Tuesday nights. The show is a spinoff from Vampire Diaries and it’s based in New Orleans, however, it’s filmed in Atlanta, so, for an entire evening, this New Orleans lady sat at a mock bar, in a mock French Quarter scene, sipping mocktails. Could it get any better? Why yes and it did. A brass band named The Stooges strolled upon set and tore it up— people were dancing, handkerchiefs waving, laughs weren’t for the camera, but from the heart just like home; that authentic New Orleans flavor was in the air, minus the smell of urine. Could it get any better? Why yes and it did. I chatted it up with Walter, the long haired creator of The Stooges. He shared with me the band’s exhaustive schedule, which consists of traveling nearly 4 or 5 times per week, often out of the country— not fond of hotels, the men collectively invested in homes throughout the United States, but they make it a priority to lay their eyes on the home of The Saints at least once a week.

*With all of the traveling their accents are still intack. MINE TOO*

Check out The Stooges playing their funky fun hit Wind it Up!


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